Yuppie Cash

Apply for a first time loan amount will be R1000.00, you
can increase this loan amount by ensuring you repay us on the agreed upon date.Yuppie Cash brings its expertise in the financial sector to the
short-term loans sector as a business with credibility and
exacting standards. Our vision is to make a meaningful
contribution to the short-term loan industry by providing our
clients with a transparent and accessible service which complies
with standards of best practice and ensures a professional and
constructive relationship with clients.

As a company with its roots in rural South Africa, Yuppie Cash
recognises the skills and abilities of all South Africans
regardless of background or location. While our roots teach us to
respect and value every single customer, our business has grown
into a sophisticated and competitive player in the financial
sector, catering to the requirements of our customer base in
South Africa’s main urban centres.

Yuppie Cash prides itself on providing its clients with the best
service, building trust and ensuring high standards of
professionalism. With our expertise and commitment to our
clients, we aim to make a unique contribution to the short-term
loan industry.


0800 222 636


086 648 0456

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